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Happy happy joy joy

Scott Bolton's beat is anything but tribal

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Scott Bolton is a bright and bold talent that is shakin’ things up in a big and very gay way. He has put all his efforts into making Vancouver a cooler place and is helping to make mainstream music a little gayer! Listen as this cutie-pie gives the goods about his upcoming album, release party and felching!

Michael Venus: Well to start, let’s talk about your huge upcoming show here in Vancity and we’ll go from there…

Scott Bolton: Yes, my show is on Sat Nov 20 and it is basically a party for my CD release. The CD has taken about a year and a half to put together. After initially creating some of the songs, there was a point where I really didn’t know where it was going. We (my producer, Lynn Gardner, and I) figured out what we wanted to do and continued writing music, and now here we are! I will be performing four songs off the CD with my wild dancers backing me up, so it will be tons of fun.

MV: So what can folks expect to see during the show?

SB: It’s kind of interesting because the music is quite different. It goes from a harder dance feel all the way to a kind of pop-ish, joyous dance feel, and the album is very pop/dance. Expect a lot of very positive songs with great lyrics and tons of eye candy on stage. I know I love looking at the eye candy!

MV: Okay, so you have been doing some really interesting work to promote yourself and the CD; tell us about that.

SB: Basically, in Vancouver I have been working a lot with TBB Productions over the past two years. I did the Rapture Pride parties this year and last year, and I was also just in Seattle with DJ Bill Bennett at Timberline and that went over really well. It isn’t too hard to get the audience going when my dancers and me are fully decked out in leather and doing a raunchy number!

I am also doing an upcoming show at SPNY in New York, which I am very excited about as well. I basically fly in, perform, and fly right back out to do the show here.

Another interesting tool I have used is where I have a profile. I never really wanted to do a sales pitch on the site, so I just did a little blurb about my CD and a link to my site with my pics. Needless to say, I got thousands of hits on bigmuscle-not to sound vain, since everyone on there gets tons of hits. Make sure you put that in, Michael, so I don’t sound conceited!

But what’s been really great is that I’m getting emails from agents across Europe and Australia who are interested in booking me. So I am now looking at putting together a European tour. The really great feedback I’ve been getting is people saying how joyous and positive it all is, and that is one of the main reasons [we] decided to make the album in the first place.

So much of the music these days is dark and tribal. Don’t get me wrong, I love that, too, and I love getting all animalistic to it, but I also want to be able to put a smile on people’s faces and that’s why we need more music like this on the opposite end of the spectrum.

When you go to places like LA, New York and Miami, all you hear is that repetitive, tribal, dark beat sound at every club on every night. Whatever happened to the nights where you could go out with your friends, get pissed drunk and have a big ol’ good time? I missed those nights, so this really motivated me to make an album that was all happy happy joy joy. Ironically, I have been getting feedback from boys in those cities saying how refreshing it is!

MV: So you mentioned being animalistic at parties. I’m not sure what that means.

SB: Yeah, right! Miss Raunch herself! Well, basically there are different elements to different music, bars, and parties. From having fun with pals, to drooling over hot guys, to music that puts me in a corner and I feel it from beginning to end. Those nights are very special, and sexual nights can make you a little wild and crazy, but it’s not for every night!

MV: You also mentioned your guys on stage are often in leather and whatnot. Where do you fit into that whole sort of lifestyle and community? Would you consider yourself a cub, bear, otter or other?

SB: I consider myself a big leather daddy wannabe because, well quite honestly, I’m only five-foot-seven and it is just not happening. I have always loved leather and have always been interested in the scene. I would consider myself a fringe leather guy.

MV: So what do you wear? Fringed leather?

SB: Ha ha. I consider myself someone who loves it and loves to look at it, but I am not involved in all the aspects of leather, like SM. But I definitely think my sexual habits can be a little wild sometimes.

MV: Like what?

SB: Just exploring sexually. I won’t totally delve into my own personal sex life, but let’s just say I like to have fun! I have an amazing partner right now and he’s great with that. It is all about exploring that wild side and then having a great cuddle afterwards. SM is very interesting because if it is done right, the sensitive part of you is stronger than if you weren’t practicing SM.

MV: What sensitive part?

SB: The sensitive part of affection! And of course there are also other sensitive parts that are very aroused too!

MV: So are you a top, bottom or versatile? Tell the truth!

SB: I consider myself versatile with my partner, but if I do anything else I am definitely a top. Michael, you look very surprised!

MV: I just assumed you were a lil’ baby bottom! What other perversions shall I ask you about? Okay, how about when you’re on stage. You must have people wanting to sleep with you. So let’s say some hot guy is drooling at you, licking at your boots?

SB: Well, if he is really hot I’d probably drool back. I probably wouldn’t lick his boots (because I’m not really into that) but again, talking about sexual exploration, the curiosity is a really good thing. I don’t base things on traditional thought. If a really hot guy, or guys, wanted me to do something and I was into it, I probably would do it!

MV: Like what? Felching? (Editor’s note: Felching is the art of sucking the cum you just shot out of your sex partner’s ass.)

SB: It doesn’t mean I would never felch.

MV: So you would?

SB: Now you’re twisting my words around. No felching!

MV: Mmmhmmm…


Scott Bolton CD Release Party.

Nov 20, 7:30 pm