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Happy Holidays from Lurid Digs

Warning: this next posting is an antidote to Tuesday Hotness and does contain a whimsical full frontal.

If you remember, Lurid Digs is a site that takes "unique" online dating profiles photos and provides snappy sassy commentary by a panel of learned judges. I am fascinated that this man's arms appear to be the harriest part of his body. I am also intrigued by his shin guard (singular). Although I've literally spent seconds trying to determine what exactly is behind the window curtain, my tired porous mind can't figure it all out/care. I am reminded of the Canadian quarter for some reason…a queen and some antlers…heads or tales anyone?


December 9, 2008

Steve: Are you guys ready for some pant-off, mystical-holiday-ass action? I should hope you would be! Get loose for heaven’s sake!

This is the time of year when families come together to share in a
spirit of giving and gratitude, and when their super-weird son who
never moved out plays World of Warcraft in the basement, and takes
pictures like this to post on dating sites developed entirely for other
weird sons who live in their parents’ basements.

Tell you what, from one man to another, I want you to have this powder horn.