Toronto Diary
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Happy Labour Day!

Yes, it’s Labour Day! The first Monday in September, where we celebrate St Isidore, the patron saint of labourers, who drove the lazy out of Ireland by pinching anyone who wears white. Although I may be confusing today with St Patrick’s Day. Which is the holiday where you drink a gallon of green Guinness then get into a screaming match with your mother because if you have to listen to one more Joni Mitchell song you will just go blind?

Oh, that’s St Patrick’s Day? Shit. Then what’s the point of Labour Day?… To just not work all day? Fuck, this is ironic. Well, whatever. I’m already writing, so here’s a video of adorable corgi puppies discovering grass for the first time and going absolutely apeshit over it. It’s adorable, I swear. Happy St Labour Day!

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