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Happy New Year(s Resolutions)

2010 you say? No. It couldn't. It shouldn't. It oughtn't. It musn't. It shant. Oh what the hell, it is.

10 years ago from today I was in Australia ona working visa. Between that time and now, things went sideways:








What a decade. Somewhere in all that madness, I also managed to get run over by a truck while walking on the side of a highway, deal with my mother passing, get engaged and not go through with it, write a book, be on the back of an elephant while it attacked a raft full of people in Thailand (I know) and co-create and co-star in a TV show.

Bad start, strong finish. Last year, I posted these resolutions to kickstart 2009. The year didn't really turn out how I thought it would, but committing to make some changes in a public forum is one of the best motivators I know of. So if you are planning on making some resolutions this year, post it on Facebook for your friends and family to see. It will help you keep your goals.

Here's to 2010:

1) Defined abs

Same goal as last year. The LL Cool J platinum work out did wonders for me last year (remember Abtastic 2009?) but troublems at the end of this summer combined with a back injury in November has taken away a lot of what I gained last year. Which is why I'm going to undertake a similar workout program (deciding this week) and also try the 300 workout with a friend.

2) Yoga

Once every two weeks. Back injury was from not stretching properly, which has also created some other problems (plantar fasciitis). Working out is great, but make sure your training program is a comprehensive one. Not stretching properly for two – three years is a BAD idea.

3) Stay in better touch with family

Don't be a stranger, you hear? Cause I won't be this year.

4) Publish second book

It's reading period for a number of publishers and the book I've cowritten with a friend of mine in Toronto over the past two years is finally finished. Will 2010 be a yes? Damn right it will be.

5) Finish travel show pitch, film sizzle reel and shop to networks

I've been lucky enough to achieve almost all of the goals I set out for myself in my 20s. But girl is turning 30 in 2011 and needs to get BIZZAY! This has been a dream of mine for the past few years. The idea and basic structure are solid. This means footing the bill for a filming trip late spring/early summer and building a three-season plan. Can I do it? I guess we'll see.


**Happy New Year!**

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