Toronto Diary
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Happy Sharon Needles Day!

If you were ever hoping for a holiday that closely resembled the mish-mash of Halloween and Christmas from The Nightmare Before Christmas, then good news, everyone! Today has officially been declared Sharon Needles Day! Well, only in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

But fuck it, I’m not about to let a holiday based on Halloween and drag queens go to waste. We have 365 days to go before the next Sharon Needles Day, and Satan help us, we’re going to do it right. So how do we celebrate this day?

Until we get an official list of traditions, I’m just going to take a bunch of stabs in the dark and hope I hit one. Throw on your best drag, drive around in a hearse, bang someone in a coffin, and go back to Party City where you belong. SHARON NEEDLES DAY, motherfuckers. Celebrate that shit.
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