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Happy Victoria Day!

On the occasion of Victoria Day – the uniquely Canadian celebration that is not only in commemoration of the monarch who created Canada, but also our domestic celebration of the current sovereign’s birthday – Her Excellency sent out a message to Canadians:

On behalf of all Canadians, it gives me great pleasure to offer Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II my best wishes for health and happiness on the occasion of the Canadian celebration of her official birthday, May 24. This date, chosen in honour of Queen Victoria, born May 24, 1819, perpetuates a tradition that is very dear to us.
Canadians hold Her Majesty in the highest esteem and are eagerly anticipating the visit she is making here this summer with the Duke of Edinburgh. This will be an opportunity for the entire country to come together to celebrate our history and our close ties with the Monarchy.
Canada is proud not only of its relationship with the Monarchy but also of its role as an active participant in the Commonwealth of Nations headed by Her Majesty. So many countries have followed her wonderful example of compassion and generosity. Her kind words and steadfast leadership inspire nations around the world to continue to pursue and maintain peace, goodwill and international co-operation.
The respect and admiration we feel for Her Majesty this May 24 illustrate the genuine affection and great loyalty our sovereign inspires.

So remember, while you’re at the cottage, or otherwise enjoying your day off, to remember Queen Victoria. (Also, The Young Victoria was quite an excellent film – from a Quebec director no less – that I would recommend seeing).

Meanwhile, six out of 10 provinces surveyed by the Globe and Mail are worried about the costs of those tough-on-crime bills, given that the lion’s share is going to be downloaded onto them. Newfoundland and Labrador’s minster of justice thinks the federal government should help them pay for those increased costs. Meanwhile, federal public safety minister Vic Toews continues to insist that these measures aren’t going to cost all that much, but considering that his assurances that C-25 would only cost $90 million turned into an admission of a $2 billion price tag, combined with his refusal to discuss the costs of any of their crime bills, somehow makes me doubt that we should take his word when he says “just trust me.”

The Young Liberals have started a poster campaign targeting the NDP and accusing them of helping Stephen Harper to dismantle gun control in this country.

For someone whose shtick isn’t about hobnobbing with celebrities, Stephen Harper has really been going at it full-bore. His latest – hanging with Taylor Swift, and giving her a coffee table book about Canada.

Also, Harper likes to take the Challenger jet around the country to make announcements related to his “Economic Action Plan” – fifty times in the last year. Somehow I doubt this is in the interests of fiscal austerity.
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