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Hard Gay: Japan’s Internet celebrity

Plus: edible anus, cookies, Brett Hudson, and The Ikettes!

Masaki Sumitani is Razor Ramone HG or, as he’s known in Japan, Hard Gay. Hot and muscular, his outfit is best described as go-go boy meets leatherman. Tight leather hot pants show off his tight ass and sublime crotch. His leather cap, silver Elvis sunglasses, dog collar, zippered vest and big bulky boots finish off the look. He moves like the coolest of cats. He’s a comedian, wrestler and, of all things, straight (he recently married 23-year-old model Anna Suzuki).

Since 2005 Hard Gay has been a fixture on Japanese TV. He’s a riot. He roams the downtown streets and accosts anyone. He’ll heckle young teenagers for being out shopping when they should be home celebrating Father’s Day. Little kids adore him. It’s so surreal seeing him bump and grind in front of kids and their parents. His catch phrases are “Okaaayyy” and “Fooo.”

He even has his own line of dolls, Halloween costumes (yes, kids dress like him), CDs, a video game and even a pencil sharpener that lets you sharpen your pencils in his asshole.

His site,, gives you all your Hard Gay needs, including links to all his YouTube videos. Check out the “Hard Gay And Father’s Day” video below. You’ll fall in love. Sure, he’s a straight guy doing gay, but he ain’t mincing about; he’s strong, fierce, hilarious and, most importantly, in your face.