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Harding U attempts to censor gay zine… It goes badly

An anonymous queer somebody(s) at Arkansas’s Harding University has launched a great subversive online queer publication called The State of the Gay at Harding University. Check it out; it's so Body Politic.

University administration blocked the site on the campus interweb earlier this week. Watch the oh-so-familiar response of Harding’s president below.

Sex and Faith: Being Gay at a Christian University from the Huffington Post draws together some great threads on this story.

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Here’s an interesting piece from London's Evening Standard about how a tiff between two gay lovers led one man to tell emergency services that the other was carrying a bomb when he was in fact carrying only a grudge. Is there a difference between being a gay jackass and being a straight jackass? Two can play at that game…

In my very own invented absurd news, as I write this thousands of heterosexual people are already lining up to be among the first to shell out for the new iPad2. The fancy new must-have gadget is scheduled for release late in the day on March 11. Some straight people, especially those for whom self-image is invested in their mobile devices, are expected to jostle for position in line. There may even be some shoving and brusque words.


I kid, really: I've been waiting for a second gen iPad. How cool is that? I want one badly, needfully. I think about it more often than I should. I want others to lust after my tablet. It will make me feel better about myself.

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Finally, a few selected headlines from today's ubiquitous titillating gay narrative files…

Socially conservative politician, with long-time secret same-sex companion, charged in connection with bribery scandal.

Yet another footballer comes out of the closet. It’s so great. It's time for an NHL player or two come out. It might take some of the heat off the concussions story.

Organizer heralds end of gay, blames internet, after audience loses enthusiasm for 17-year-old circuit party event.

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