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Harlem pastor puts ‘Jesus would stone homos’ on church sign

Pastor James David Manning thinks that people should reach for the nearest stone when it comes to confronting gay people. In his own case, he doesn’t have to reach far — he can just rip out his own heart.

I used to live on 129th and St Nicholas Terrace in Harlem, a few blocks away from the Atlah World Missionary Church on 123rd Street. I’m glad to report that not everyone in my old ’hood was as batshit fucking crazy as Manning, who wrote, “Jesus would stone homos” on his church sign. I stumbled off the D train leaking glitter out of my ass at four in the morning more times than I can remember, and in the year that I lived in the neighbourhood, no one once looked at me or spoke to me in a homophobic way. In fact, I feel much more conspicuous in Vancouver (nosey fucking Vancouverites) than I ever did in Harlem. It’s disappointing that Manning feels the need to be such a fear-mongering prick because he is poorly representing Harlem’s black population, whose views on homosexuality are rapidly progressing. 

In one of his recent sermons, Manning blamed President Obama for unleashing gay demons on the black community, “hoping to influence as many black males to subscribe to ideals of homosexual perverted LGBT as possible.” He also blames Jason Collins and Michael Sam for “encouraging more black men to come out of the closet.”

YouTube has pulled Manning’s video justification for stoning gay people because it violates the company’s policy prohibiting hate speech.