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Harlot’s web

Sites: Gay On The Range and Strange Sisters

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Ryan Richardson is an avid collector of 1950s and ’60s lesbian pulp novels. He couldn’t care less about reading them; he’s all about the cover artwork, typography and seedy titles. He collects nothing past 1969.

His site Strange Sisters is an incredible archive. Theme galleries include- “Jailbirds,” “Whip It Good” and “You’ve Come A Long Way, Sister.” Hundreds of sexy Sapphic covers run the gamut from utterly deranged and insanely silly to knock-out gorgeous.

Richardson has also started collecting gay paperbacks, rarer than lesbian titles. Gay On The Range is just as fun as its sister site. You may cringe at some inappropriate clichés but there’s just so much juicy boy-on-boy deliciousness that you’ll be compelled to laugh yourself silly.