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Harlot’s web: Cha Cha Charming

Girls! Girls! Girls! Cha Cha Charming Magazine is, “a journalistic tribute to girl-powered pop — past, present andfuture and from all over the globe.” The editor is a New York-based Iranian named Sheila Burgel. She loves her girl pop and knows her stuff.

This cherry SweeTart-coloured site is chock full of female pop stars of the 1960s and ’70s (hello Ann-Margret!). Read about French Ye-Ye girl Stella (so tomboyishly hot) and Spain’s best kept secret, the pouty Jeanette (of the band Pic-Nic). Even the recently out, pop honey Lesley Gore gets a well-deserved tribute.

Every informative article has a recommended listening purchasing area and artist links. The playlist keeps you in touch with all the girl pop (new and old) that Burgel and her writers are into. You can even read Burgel’s diary. It’s all so bitchin’!