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Harlot’s Web: Queerty

'Cheaper than your last trick'

JOIN THE DARK SIDE, YOU KNOB. This amusing Gay Empire action figure is from fucked-up crap toy maker Suckadelic - one of the great finds at Queerty.

Queerty is a brand spankin’ new on-line magazine (the new gay baby blog from Jossip). Creator (and self-proclaimed “big gay”) Bradford Shellhammer and his writers post stories and links to queer content on the web. As they state: “We’re cheaper than your last trick and give out twice as much.” Read about Christian group Women Of America and their issues with the homosexual agenda at Starbucks. There is also an amusing mini interview with porn-making drag queen Chi Chi LaRue, pic links of Real World hottie Landon Lueck and a collection of Gay Empire action figures! Queerty: free of an agenda, except that gay one.