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Harper a newsmaker for the wrong reasons

Because it’s that time of year, news organisations are looking at the top newsmaker of the year – and for a second year in a row, it’s Stephen Harper. But not because he’s on a collision course with dictatorship, where he can ignore the rule of law on a whim, or flout the will of Parliament because it’s inconvenient, or for his apparently being hell-bent on completely undermining Parliamentary democracy as a result. No, it’s because he’s apparently developed a coat of Teflon while he pretends to be a statesman now that he’s decided that maybe he might get better press if he started travelling internationally. Really? Because I think Canadians deserve to know more about his pact with the theo-cons and his penchant for ruling as though he wasn’t the first among equals in a Westminster-style democracy than the fact that he can play a Beatles tune at the NAC.

As mentioned last week, Bill C-291, which would have implemented the Refugee Appeals Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board, was defeated in third reading. My story on its defeat is now on the main page of

And it looks like the Queen is going to be talking about taking a leadership role in the fight against climate change in her annual Christmas address. I sincerely hope there will be a few pointed hints in Stephen Harper’s direction if that is indeed the case.

Have a good holiday everyone!
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