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Harper visits the White House

Stephen Harper will be at the White House
today to unveil the action plan to reach an agreement on the various parts of the perimeter security agreement, at the heart of which will be a new system of
entry and exit visas, so that we’re tracking
not only who is coming into the
country, but also who is leaving. But don’t worry, the Americans say – we’ll
totally respect your privacy rights. Don’t those sound like famous last words?

The RCMP is investigating corruption
allegations that reach into the PMO surrounding the selection of the president
of the Montreal Port Authority. The Conservatives, however, say the case is closed,
nothing to see here. Somehow I suspect this will keep going in question period in
the days to come.

Peter Kent still hasn’t set a date for when
Canada will begin the process to withdraw from the Kyoto agreement, other than
to say it won’t be during the Durban conference.

The political dirt-baggery around Irwin
Colter’s riding continues as the Conservatives have put his defeated opponent
in place as a “shadow MP” who they say people should talk to instead. This is
not an unfamiliar tactic, as they did the same thing in Ruby Dhalla’s riding in
the last Parliament, and that “shadow MP” eventually was elected in her stead.

The Canadian Psychiatric Association is warning that the omnibus crime bill will make things worse for the mentally
ill. Because warehousing them in prisons with insufficient programming will be ever
so helpful.

Alberta is poised to run another sham Senate “consultative election” next spring to go along with its provincial

Bob Rae: still not angling for permanent
leader. In case you were wondering.

Aaron Wherry takes a look at the four remaining Bloc MPs.

And here is an interview with the new RCMP
commissioner, who seems quite aware of the grave responsibility with which he
has been entrusted.

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