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Harper’s travelling cabinet

Stephen Harper and several members of his
cabinet have left for a six-day trip to Latin America to “bolster trade,” particularly with Brazil, and sign a bunch of agreements. Oh, and they’re charging it all to departmental rather
than ministerial budgets. By taking the costs out of program spending, it looks like they’re not spending money on travel – which, of
course, they are.

Despite a pending court case, the minister of justice, Rob Nicholson, says that the euthanasia issue is not up
for debate
 because Parliament killed a private member’s bill on the
subject last year. Maybe the court will say otherwise, meaning, perhaps, we should continue to have proper debate, not just the two hours that a
PMB gets for second reading.

CSIS has leaked a document that casts suspicion
on two former terrorism suspects who the courts have previously deemed not to be a
threat. The timing of the leak is also suspicious, considering the men's attempts
to get off the UN no-fly list.

Stéphane Dion takes Nycole Turmel to task over her sovereigntist party membership.

And The
Canadian Press has uncovered what the CIA was keeping track of in
terms of the Canadian economy, our resources and our dealings with
communist countries.

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