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Have you seen HIM out?

Did you survive the Olympic weekend? Barely? Tell me about it. The hockey loss, Atlantic Canada House, Swiss House, Mark Tewksbury, Granville Street, LiveCity Yaletown, Granville Island, Place de la Francophonie, the Air Canada stage, Pride House, the BC-Canada Pavilion, You Gotta Be OUT Here gala…

I'm glad I mentioned that. Some of the Gay Top Model contestants were in attendence at said gala, which was a Province of BC-sponsored event showcasing the best of Vancouver's LGBT arts and entertainment community:

In other news, the Health Initiative for Men has launched a new Public Displays of Gay poster campaign and timed it with the Olympics to ensure that gay people visiting the city feel welcome, while also promoting Canada's inclusive, diverse society to visitors from places where gay love may not even be legal.

To quote him: "The campaign, which includes
gay couples embracing on different corners in the city, was put together
with a very small budget.  The models and photographer donated their
time and Priape, a gay and bisexual men’s lifestyle store, helped
sponsor the campaign. A team of volunteers will distribute the posters
to shops, businesses and poster boards along pedestrian-filled streets
over the next three weeks."    

Be on the look out for the following:

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