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HBO needs to show more dick

Have you ever noticed how weirdly skewed the ratio is between female nudity versus male nudity? For every hundred-or-so shots of Lena Dunham naked on an episode of Girls — literally any episode: I think she’s making up for lost time or something — we get maybe one shot of Alexander Skarsgård’s penis, and even then it’s on fire.

In response, the ladies at CollegeHumor decided to lay down the gauntlet for HBO and other critically acclaimed cable giants: show more dicks. Honestly, at this point we’d settle for any dick at all.

But it does highlight a weird discrepancy when it comes to nudity in mainstream art: women tend to get naked a lot more, and it’s usually for the sole purpose of pandering to straight male viewers. Sure, a bit of nudity here and there is fine if it’s integral to the plot or otherwise moves the narrative along, but eventually, you reach the point of diminishing returns. I’m not saying you can’t throw in a little nudity here and there, but you at least have to write from the height of your intelligence when you’re doing it.