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I know there is a lot of dissent and opposition to the Olympics in Vancouver right now, many are queers and others are activists. I hate that the games diplace people, and that cops crack down on the folks that get in the way of a clean, serene, white-washed Vancouver, all in the name of impressing other nations. Image isn't everything and the repression that takes place each time major events happen is more common than I would wish (well, i wish for no repression, obvi). I do like the spirit of the games though, and the like DREAMY-ness of the idea that an athlete can train their entire lives to get to this point. It's kinda awe-inspiring if you think about this second. Or the seconds that led up to that moment. Or the seconds that punctuate the end or achievement of someone's  dream. But the officials who run the IOC/VANOC are operating from a sorta fascist kind of place, I feel. It's so very "bottom line" of them to have just bulldozed right over the rights of many local citizens who live and exist in the Downtown Eastside, Lower Mainland, etc, ON THE DAILY.  Like they do any other time of year. There's also the environmental impact. Read more about that here. Anyway, here's a video of the protesters on Friday. I got it from the Media Coop.


Kim St-Pierre, a Montrealer, is a favourite for Team Canada's Women' hockey team. First game was Saturday, and the gals schooled
Slovakia 18 to 0 in the tournament opener for Canada. Quick queston: who exactly are these critics, saying the women's hockey isn't fit for Olympic inclusion

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