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Hedonistic Headmaster

Drasko Bogdanovic photographed some intense sexuality for Rhode Island's biannual art-smut mag

A video for Issue 3 of Headmaster. The most current issue is #5. Headmaster

It was a lucky coincidence that Drasko Bogdanovic was headed to Serbia right as he received his first Headmaster assignment. While making plans to return to his homeland for the first time since 1996, the Toronto artist got an email from the editors of the biannual art-smut tome proposing an exclusive original photo series. The project (a series of diptychs featuring bodies in space and space without bodies) turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to Bogdanovic’s nighttime adventures during his 10-day stay.

“Lots of the guys I photographed were guys I had sex with,” he says. “It ended up being a document of my intoxicated, hedonistic sexual adventures. The cruising scene in Belgrade is very active. In comparison to Toronto, it has a lot more significance, because it’s much more dangerous and there’s a stronger charge because it’s so repressed.”

Bogdanovic’s series of 20 images captures that Belgrade mix of dark-edged, intense sexuality. The photos are available exclusively in the magazine’s fifth edition; gearing the work to a limited audience rather than tossing them up on the web is part of what makes them special.

Headmaster isn’t made to be disposable. It’s a collector’s item,” Bogdanovic says. “There’s a certain beauty to the experience of waiting for it in the mail, unwrapping it and reading it with your coffee or whatever. You can have any kind of porn you want online. But having this beautifully crafted piece of art in your hands is a much more satisfying experience than just scrolling through pics on a blog.”