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Helen Mirren invited to open gay music festival

For those keeping track, this is the third day in a row where I've written about queens. Sorry, that one was too easy.

Over the weekend, Helen Mirren was performing as Queen Elizabeth II at the Gielgud Theatre in London when the play was interrupted by a group of drummers who were playing just a little too loudly outside the auditorium. Mirren stormed out in full costume and chewed them out for interrupting her play, and a couple days later publicly apologized for unloading on them.

As it turns out, those drummers were actually performing to plug As One in the Park, a gay music festival held annually in London. As a show of good will, organizers have invited Mirren to open the festival by showing up and . . . yelling at them again. Well, you gotta play to your audience, I guess.

“We want her to appear with the Samba band and come on and say ‘Shut the —- up’.” One of the organisers explained.

In return they would make a donation to a charity of her choice.

A spokesman for the festival, when told about the gesture, laughed and said: “Bless her.” [SOURCE]

Wait, what? Two groups initially disagreed on something before both sides admitted to their own wrongdoings and through good humour and empathy reached mutual respect and understanding? Amateurs! Don't they know how things are done on the internet?

Also, to play us out, here is the now famous picture of Helen Mirren in a bikini, because admit it: it doesn't matter how you identify, you'd probably get with that if you could.

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