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Hello! Glee’s new guy Jonathan Groff

So many highlights from last night’s Glee. Where to begin?

Of course, there was Sue Sylvester’s dead-on recreation of Madonna’s “Vogue” music video:

Cheerleader Brittany had a funny one-liner ("Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?") that people are still tweeting and Facebooking about, the day after.

But my fave moment of the night? The introduction of Jesse St James, the male lead of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. Played by gay actor Jonathan Groff, the “new guy” got nearly unanimous reviews on Twitter: he’s hot, and he can sing! 

Rachel (Lea Michele) had her eyes set on Jesse (Jonathan Groff) in last night’s Glee  

And there’s lots more gay on the way: Kurt is getting a boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris is set to guest star, and future episodes will feature songs by Madonna and Lady Gaga. Can’t wait! 

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