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Help send Muddy York to the Bingham Cup

Muddy York, Toronto’s premier gay rugby team, is currently raising money to compete in the Bingham Cup in Sydney, Australia. The Bingham Cup is basically the largest gay rugby tournament in the world, and with the help of the community, Muddy York can fly down for their chance at the cup.


Below is the fundraising video they made, which features plenty of beefy men slamming against each other, and you’ve stopped reading this and skipped straight to the video, haven’t you? No, I don’t blame you. That’s some grade-A beef. I’m not even sure why I’m still typing this. Hurgedy blurgerdy blort. See? You probably didn’t even notice that.

Anyway, if you’re feeling philanthropic, you can kick in a couple bucks to help them out by going to their website and donating through PayPal. 

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