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Henry Rollins can’t hear you over the sound of all the fucks he doesn’t give

We really need to make Henry Rollins our supreme world leader or something. We just fucking have to. Not only does Henry Rollins make music so goddamn sweet it gets you pregnant, but the man knows how to shame someone for being a complete douchebag. If ever there was a person who could singlehandedly keep the world from careening off into a cesspit of assholery, it’s Henry Rollins.

Need further proof? Fine. Here’s Henry Rollins telling the Boy Scouts of America in no uncertain terms that they can fuck themselves. He tells them exactly how they can fuck themselves, where they can fuck themselves and what they may fuck themselves with. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I think the BSA should keep its anti-gay, anti-atheist rules intact. It should post them right on the front of the clubhouse door in big letters. It should use the Westboro Baptist Church’s printer. The BSA also should immediately lose all federal funding. Oh yes, the organization gets it. All taxpayers’ money coming into the BSA has the Fourth and 14th Amendments all over it. 

You want to discriminate? I say knock yourself out but do it on your own dime. Get the Koch brothers to write the checks; I’m sure they have a few million lying around. Come on BSA, stand strong! Stay the course! You all should flaunt your homophobia as proudly as your affinity for responsibility and honesty. Tell the truth and let’s see how it plays. Do it and then tell me that you’re instilling true American values in these young men and I will tell you that you are a liar. I will be right and you will be wrong. [SOURCE]

I have nothing to add to this, except Henry. Fucking. Rollins. 

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