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Here’s how to help

CLOSE CALL. Pride for this year was going to be cancelled after city council refused to grant the same emergency bailout it granted two other festivals this year. Credit: Pat Croteau

There can be a local Pride Parade and festival well into the future — if the organization that puts them on can get a decent cash flow happening. But they need your help — cash or volunteer time — to make it happen.

Future success depends on the entire community’s involvement from small gestures to big ones.

Some 200 to 300 volunteers are still needed, according to John Gazo, chair of planning for Pride Committee of Ottawa-Gatineau. Security in areas along the parade route and at the event’s entrances is at the top of the priority. Help is also needed at the Festival Plaza for set-up and to be part of the clean-up crew once the festival is over. Anyone can volunteer up until the day of the festival is set to begin. But, getting the right information is advisable, says Gazo.

You can sign up as a volunteer by going to:

The Pride committee has also scheduled meetings for people wishing to volunteer: Sun, Jul 23 in the Billings Room of city hall, 110 Laurier at 3pm; and Thu, Jul 27 in the Billings room at 6pm. For more info, contact Shaleena Theophilus, Pride Committee’s volunteer coordinator:

Those who don’t have the time can also donate by sending their donations to Pride Committee of Ottawa-Gatineau: CP 2428, Station D, Ottawa, ON K1P 5W6, or via

On Parade day, Aug 27, look for opportunities to donate to the Pride committee, as well as to buy memberships and lapel pins. There will be a minimum admission charge of $5 to the festival site, but people can donate more.