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Heritage Minute: No more shit!

Thought exchange on the 1981 bathhouse raids

More than 30 years ago, 300 men were arrested in raids on Toronto’s gay bathhouses.

This infamous event became a watershed moment for the Toronto gay rights movement, with the protests that resulted gathering an unprecedented number of activists and allies together.

This week, as part of the Toronto Public Library’s Thought Exchange series and the #YourYongeStreet project, an interactive online exhibit that focuses on the street’s long history, three writers/historians will discuss this resounding, historical event. The panel includes former Body Politic writer Ed Jackson; Dennis Findlay, vice-president of the CLGA board; and York University historian Tom Hooper.

The importance of this event can’t be stressed enough, and the same goes for learning about the bathhouse raids. You know what they say about learning from history.

The Bathhouse Raids of 1981
Thurs, Nov 21, 6:30–8pm
Yorkville Branch
22 Yorkville Ave