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Heroes…just for one day!

How would we be able to live without celebrities?  Sure, gay and
lesbian people could fight for their rights through boring old
politics but it's so much cooler when actors do it for us! 

just this week, George Clooney, Drew Barrymore, Alec Baldwin, Charlize Theron, Matchbox
20 singer Rob Thomas all made some noise on our behalf against those
"protecting the sanctity of marriage" but not, apparently, the sanctity
of spelling

Ultimately, though, we have to be our own heroes. Let the deep, rich voice of George Takei explain why:

Takei co-starred on the TV show 'Heroes' with Zachary Quinto, who took part in an art piece that splashed him with…umm…milk:

your mind wandered into the same gutter as mine there, you might be
interested in some Craigslist data that uncovered which US cities have
the most tops and bottoms

I'd want a rail pass between New York and Houston 'cause I'm versatile but my real hero is the Nivea for Men shower gel guy — he taught me how to shave!

But if the city you're visiting tonight is Toronto (*cough*bottoms*cough*), you could swing by Fly nightclub at 8 for the book launch of 'Queeroes,' the first novel from former fab editor Steven Bereznai

A queer take on, yes, 'Heroes,' it features a group of gay teens whose sudden new superheroes do little to help them with their high-school love lives!  You can order the book from his site or, better yet, see him in person and ask him what his mutant power is.  He just might tell you!

So have a great weekend — I leave you with today's theme song: