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Heroes with heART

Kat Thorsen’s interactive night of art, in association with Friends for Life and Intersections Media, is happening Thursday, June 23 at District 319. Portraits of local heroes will be on display, and with a minimum donation of $15, you can participate in finishing them. The end results will be auctioned at the event!

The list of heroes includes TommyD, Rebecca Rawlinson, Joan-E, Jonny Staub, Tracey Bell, Linda Fillmore, Barb Snelgrove, Velvet Steele, Fred Lee, Charmaine Crooks, Ryan Steele, Peter Breeze, Adam Dreaddy, Mia More, Jocelyn Louise, Jay Fisher and more.

Check out Kat’s Art Blog for more portraits and info. 

Peter Breeze

Syren DeMille 
Barb Snelgrove

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