Public Sex
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Heterosexuality is scary

Anti-gay crusader Maggie Gallagher is ridiculous. Sure, we all made fun of her anti-gay marriage ad last week (with this being the best parody yet!) but seriously, this is a woman who'd rather we all be polygamists

Some say that nothing her ideological kin say makes sense anymore but has anyone considered the flipside of their hysteria?  That heterosexual sex is equally if not more terrifying?  Consider this (probably NSFW) movie trailer:

Relax, you say: it's only a movie. Ron Jeremy's penis is not coming to kill you. Really?  Then how does it have its own Twitter page

There's a storm coming and I am afraid.  Not even the Taco Bell is safe anymore: 

"People are having sex everywhere and anywhere!"  It's terrifying!  Fortunately, this TV clip from Sweden proves that safe havens still exist for happy gay nudists: