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“Hey, Fruit Rollups…nice arms!”

Oh, Deven Green. How do I love thee? Let me count the garbage bag eyes…

Caption: Well Hello, What is Brenda Dickson's evil twin, Joan Collins, up to? Setting up Brenda to spy on Donna Mills of course. In this 1980s delight of idiotic sexual tension another comedy parody spews out of Deven Green.


It's true. She's posted something new online, folks. And it's as saucy as the posts from the days of yore.
And yes, it is sad that fellow Canuch Deven Green has been lost to the Los Angeles nether-realm – fame, fortune, success, respect and/or envy of your peers…who wants that, when you can stay in Canada and be almost good enough but not quite and perhaps eventually censured by the federal government for unfamily-oriented behavior. Amen!
Do you remember this chestnut?
And maybe you should just go ahead and check out my earlier posting on Deven at the old blog…she's a total babe. And she's even human! In fact, she even wrote me personally. We reminisced over fad diets and eating dust. Mmm. Dust.
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