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Hey, media! Do your job and ask tough questions

ANDREA HOUSTON – All of Canada’s major media seem to be under some kind of spell, fawning over Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins, an unapologetic homophobe who is ultimately responsible for the Catholic school boards’ regressive policy toward gay-straight alliances (GSAs).

He is very happy to use public money to oppress queer students.

Collins has been promoted to the pope’s old boys’ club. He is now a cardinal. Excuse me if I don’t jump up and cheer.

Not one journalist covering this orgy of Catholicism asked him about his anti-gay or anti-choice views.

From The Globe and Mail:

“He doesn’t correspond to the stereotypes of a high-level cleric,” says John L. Allen Jr., senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. “He’s not a stuffed shirt; he’s funny, human, doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s also strikingly media-friendly and media-savvy: He doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder. At a time when many Catholic bishops have an image of being hostile to the press, he stands out as willing to talk and unafraid of questions.”

That is absolute bullshit. I have lost count of how many interview requests I have put in to speak to him; not one has been accepted. In fact, once I was told that “the archbishop does not take media requests."

Perhaps what she meant to say was, “The archbishop does not take media requests from gay media."

Here is a video of the cardinal receiving his Papa Smurf hat and ring.

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