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Holiday songs for people who don’t like the holidays, #2

Yesterday, I posted the first in a series of holiday songs for people who don’t like holiday songs. This is not to say that I am a grinch, but I do take umbrage over trite sentimentality and the rehashing of nostalgia. I recently heard Justin Bieber doing a cover of “Little Drummer Boy,” and that spurred me to write this series of blog posts.

At first I thought of what is probably my favourite left-field version of “Little Drummer Boy."

Is there anything more queer than Grace Jones and Pee-wee Herman (expect maybe Pee-wee and Charo)? 

Probably not.

But I don’t spend my holidays listening to “Dondé Está Santa Claus?” at my house. It’s usually a little bit more earnest.

Hence: Johnny Cash singing “Little Drummer Boy."

There is something honest about the man in black singing holiday tunes. Listening to him sing about the little drummer boy is like listening to the voice of destiny reading your child a bedtime story. Strange yet compelling.

Speaking of strange, Cash apparently loved the holidays enough to produce four holiday specials during the late ‘70s. His guests ranged from Jerry Lee Lewis to Andy Kaufman.  If I can sound like an old fogey, “They don’t make shows like they used to.” Nope.

So take this, Bieber. Try singing this when your balls drop.

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