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Hollywood set to capitalize on Elizabeth Taylor’s death with new bio-pic, ‘Furious Love’

Surprise, surprise: new reports suggest that Paramount Pictures has secured the rights to Furious Love, a book about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's love affair. Elizabeth and Richard were married and divorced twice, with Elizabeth considering him to be the greatest love of her life. They met on the set of Cleopatra in 1962 and caused media uproar when their affair became public, because both were married at the time. 

Reportedly, Martin Scorsese has been approached to direct the film, although he's lined up to direct a Frank Sinatra bio-pic set for release in 2013, as well as a few other projects, so it's not known when filming would begin.

Is it too soon after her death for Hollywood to release an Elizabeth Taylor movie? Considering This Is It was released five minutes after Michael Jackson died, when his dick was still up some 13-year-old cancer patient's ass – I'm surprised it's taken this long. 

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