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Holopaw’s got some dirty boots

Florida band releases a very NSFW video for their new single, featuring Toronto’s own A Bearded Boy

A Bearded Boy stars in Holopaw’s totally NSFW new video. Credit: Vice

Jockstraps, leather daddies, piss and copious amounts of body hair — if these are things that excite you, then Holopaw’s latest video for their new single, “Dirty Boots,” is right up your alley.

The video is narrated by renowned 1970s sex icon Peter Berlin and features Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2013 and Black Eagle bartender Dominic J Fournier.

Holopaw describes the video as a snapshot of the ever-evolving queer landscape of NYC, but really, the video is all about Fournier. The crotch shots, hardly off-screen sex and slow panning over Fournier’s bare bottom (of which the video features at least three) are the real stars of this short film. There may indeed be a message about queer identity and insight into the sex-fuelled leather/biker culture, but frankly, it’s lost in the bushes.

The bushes, in this case, are on the men.

Be sure to watch the video in all its glory, and if you like what you see (and, really, why wouldn’t you) browse through Fournier’s sex-blog, ABeardedBoy, which is much more X-rated.