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Home searched in Flanagan investigation

Police spent three days searching a residence in Barrie for clues in the death of Alexandra Flanagan.

Police aren’t releasing details about what they were looking for in the house saying only that they were seeking evidence related to the woman’s death. Sgt Dave Goodbrand of the Barrie Police Service says investigators have identified several persons of interest but no charges have been laid.

Flanagan, who identified as lesbian, lived in Toronto’s queer village for several years and worked at the House of Lords hair salon at Yonge and Isabella streets before moving to Barrie. She was last seen on the evening of Jul 8 walking toward her Barrie apartment with a male friend.

Some of Flanagan’s friends and family expressed concern that police didn’t take Flanagan’s disappearance seriously.

Goodbrand says police usually wait for 30 days when an adult goes missing before investigating unless there are signs of foul play or otherwise suspicious circumstances.

“In this particular case there was nothing that stood out as suspicious until about day 10,” he says.

There were unconfirmed reports that Flanagan was seen in Toronto after her disappearance but there was no activity on Flanagan’s cell phone or bank account between the time she disappeared and when her body was discovered.

Her remains were found on Oct 4 in Lackies Bush in Barrie by a woman walking her dog. The cause of death has not been released.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Barrie Police Service at (705) 725-7025.