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That's the phrase former White House science adviser (the White House had a science advisor???) Dr. Judith Auerbach uses to describe the anti-gay attitudes in religious and ethnic communities that prevent decent education against contracting AIDS.  If that all sounds a bit pointy-headed, this cheerful redneck couple have put the concept to music:

Wow.  I have no words — other than to point out this study that shows, once again, that the more conservative and religious the community, the higher the teen birth rates, what with condoms being a tool of Satan and all. Mr. and Mr. Cletus, you are hurting children. Knock it off!

But I don't know about this "homo-negativity" phrase — will it keep me from directing you to my new favourite website, Homo Shame?  Damn, that is some funny stuff and a refreshing break from making fun of crazy American wingnuts like good old crazy congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

Love ya, Michele, don't ever change!  But the opposite of "homo-negativity' is, of course, "homo-awesomeness" (that's my word, Dr. Auerbach) and it's personified by the host of this weekend's Emmy Awards Neil Patrick Harris. He's featured in the new issues of New York magazine (in a lengthy and terrific interview) and in Rolling Stone, with this now legen…wait for it…dary photo:

Have a homoawesome weekend!