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Homoerotic art, bathroom bounties and a marriage date

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The Met’s gay collection

At New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Daily Beast’s Nina Strochlic follows gay historian Andrew Lear on a tour of gay art history. Lear, a former history professor, now leads tours around the museum, from classical homoerotic statues to renaissance painters.

Same-sex marriage hits Chiapas

Fifty-one gay couples will be able to marry in the Mexican state of Chiapas on the order of a federal judge. Chiapas is the latest state to allow gay couples to marry in a quiet legal revolution that is opening up same-sex marriage across the country.

US bathroom bills target trans people

Proposed laws in three US states, Kentucky, Texas and Florida, aim to ban people from using public washrooms that do not fit their “genetic” sex at birth. The laws would also allow citizens to collect civil damages — effectively bounties — if they catch a violator using the wrong bathroom.

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Psychology Today rejects conversion therapy ads

After pressure from gay rights group, Psychology Today has agreed to ban conversion therapy advertisements. Conversion therapists claimed in the magazine’s listings to be able to turn gay men straight through support groups. 

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Court date set for US Supreme Court marriage case

The US Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments on same-sex marriage for April 28. The case will be the first to reach the court since sweeping rulings legalized same-sex marriage in all but 13 states.