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Homofication: Adam Van Koeverden vs Adam Kreek…with a little Breaux Greer thrown in just because I love you


It's Raunchorama Resurrected! tomorrow night at the
Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Check out one of the most popular annual
screenings at Cinemark Tinseltown at 9:30pm. I've heard a lot about the
afterparty at Friction (123 Pender St). If you're looking for an excuse
to parade around in front of crowd wearing notthing but a towel, this
is your night. Congratulations to Right Up Your Alley: Vancouver's Gay
Blog pin-up Adam Van Koeverden, who took home a silver in the K-1 500.
I don't like pitting hot Canadian Olympian against hot Canadian
Olympian, but I realized that after a long week of homofication, these
two Adams might need dual it out for top honours here on RUYA. It's the
battle of the Adams and both enjoy a good paddle. Who are you going to
pick? May the best Adam win…

Olympian Adam Van Koeverden
Olympian Adam Kreek

Adam Greer won a gold this year in the men's eight. He had a lot of face time on CBC…can you blame them?

and for something a little extra – Breaux Greer is not Canadian (though
should be), so loses out on those points, but you know what, who the
hell cares. He is a homofication candidate if I've ever seen one. His
name is interesting, he has wicki-wicked hair and (insert your own
javelin joke here)…

Belly button piercing? Heyoooo!