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Homophobe fucks with Dumbledore, gets run off Twitter

Frank Fraticelli, who was on Twitter using the handle @halfeleven55ff, wrote author JK Rowling about why he stopped being a fan. Little did he know that the author, and her fans, would respond.

Fraticelli tweeted:

When the author saw the tweet, she decided to reply, suggesting Fraticelli follow Scotland’s richest man, Brian Souter, who opposes Rowling’s political views — Rowling has donated millions to the Better Together campaign to keep Scotland part of the UK, while Souter is advocating for Scottish independence.

“@halfelven55ff I advise you to start following Brian Souter at once. He’s much more your kind of person,” Rowling tweeted.

After being bombarded with acrimonious tweets, Fraticelli deleted his account.

“I made a comment about JKR + her homosexual wizard and my twitter account exploded,” he posted before leaving the social media site. “EXCUSE ME for NOT accepting that deviant lifestyle lol.”

For her part, Rowling let it all roll right off her shoulders. 

“If you’re waiting for universal popularity,” she tweeted, “you’ll be on Twitter a VERY long time. xxxx”