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Homophobic radio listener goes off on DJ over Macklemore’s ‘Same Love’

Hypothetical morality-problem time! Let’s say you’re the DJ at a major radio station that plays top-40 music. One day, an irate listener calls in and lambastes you for playing Macklemore’s marriage equality anthem, “Same Love.” Do you:

A) Immediately cave like a colossal wuss and agree to never play the song again.

B) Laugh at him over the phone and hang up. You’re a DJ. You don’t have time for this straight nonsense.

C) Record yourself calmly refuting his positions before posting the video online.

D) Summon D’Hoffryn, lord of the vengeance demon, and have him lay waste to this fool who dares challenge you.

The correct answer is actually C — or possibly D, if you’re capable of that sort of thing — as exemplified by the host of Artimis Radio who took a caller to task for calling him up and unleashing a homophobic tirade. Behold his glorious response below: