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Here's I new site that I've fallen in love with. Looks like I'm already a fan via Facebook…so check out:

It's a collective blog by a group of Vancouverites, at least one of whom you'll probably know or may recognize from: the gym; the right side of your bed one early morning in the distant past; a variety of clubs and/or bars; "online"; Vancouver's Next Top Gay Model; or possibly just from walking down the street.

Look at that banner! Damn! Who doesn't like a judgey homo? I know who doesn't:

Hiss. But who cares about Anita anymore?

Homorazzi content ranges from the Evil Umbrellas, which reminds me of something from UYA's glory days….

(please keep this section going, boys, I love the guerilla phone photos and am pretty jealous)

….to She-Whose-Name-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned-On-This-Blog.

<insert link to Romeo/Juliet song that makes my ears bleed…hate her and her songs…oh…oh god>

Happy readin'!