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Homosexual activists want you in their beds

With US vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden speaking to a gay rights group this week, Peter LaBarbera, founder of Republicans for Family Values, is livid that the Democrats "are now fully in bed with the homosexual activist lobby." Yes they are, Peter — in fact, they're enjoying themselves and I just know you're picturing every moment of it in your head.

The other potential VP, Sarah Palin, is livid that a 20-year-old hacked into her Yahoo mail account and posted her email on the Internet, but "hacked" is too strong a word: the guy just guessed her security questions and retrieved her password. Riiiiiight… the woman who can't protect her email from a college student thinks she can fight Al-Queda.

"THE GAY CONSERVATIVE IS BACK!" shrieks the blog of Chris Reid, whose slew of Toronto radio appearances this week ended our long national nightmare following him being silenced being fired quietly resigning from the Toronto Centre race. Reid writes, "This is where political correctness has gotten in this country – a Conservative Party that is affraid to proudly be conservative, and a media that can't be bothered to analyze anything. The media is simply focused on the "gaffe" this caused the campaign, with no analysis of what I actually said." Gee, I dunno, Chris — I looked at what you actually said and I've also noticed that you can't spell "afraid."

Is Roger Ebert too witty for his own good?  A Q&A riff on creationism has people seriously wondering if he's a fundamentalist. It's called satire, people. C'mon!

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And finally, the Pet Shop Boys released their iconic "Very" album 15 years ago this week and OH GOD I AM SO CRUSHINGLY OLD I CAN'T EVEN and whoa and okay here's the song I came out to. (YouTube video no longer available)