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This week is turning out to be all about the future here on Up Your Alley.

No surprise considering it's that time of year, when honest, GAP-fearing homos and lesbians turn to local astrologers for answers to questions we haven't even thought to ask ourselves yet. Remember: "Sometimes when planets collide, you're changed forever, and often for the better."(mmmmyeah)

New Years and superstition go together like Boston Cream donuts and my mouth. In fact, here's an interesting article you should check out from Patty Cakes over at Homorazzi.

He listed some doozies, but the one thing that gets me is Horrorscopes, which are now gay-friendly. Wondering what's in store for you? Check out this trademarked beauty:

Gay Horoscopes and Astrology –®

And for those of you wanted your future served Twittered:

The Gay Astrologer (GayAstrologer) on Twitter


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