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Hooray for Christians — no, seriously!

Since this blog so often focuses on the latest lunacy from the homophobic Christian right (and there's so much to choose from!), it's only fair that I salute our straight allies in the church once in a while — especially while they're making popcorn:

"We believe in taking the Bible seriously, but not literally." It's a nice start to undoing centuries of oppression, no?  And there's more where that came from.

What's lovely is that we're getting Lutherans on board and have even managed to win over cranky Presbyterian David Letterman, who this week not only treated us to the most awkward Britney Spears appearance ever (loves it!!) but also talked gay marriage with Donald Trump (not a proposal, thankfully — just a very old but still welcome joke):

Letterman would never have stood up for us back on 'Late Night!'  But if today's brief focus on straight, middle-aged Christian guys isn't working for you (can't see how!), Perez Hilton has handy tips on how to stalk the cast of 'Twilight' in Vancouver.  See?  Whether you love straight men or looooove straight men, today we've got you covered!