Toronto Diary
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Hope you’re not tired of Pride yet

Pride continues to steamroller through Toronto, but there’s lots of ways you can celebrate other than packing into a sweaty circuit party, doffing your shirt, and getting sweaty with someone you’ll forget by next year’s Pride (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but variety’s the spice of life).

NXNE is also in town this week, and Sneaky Dee’s is hosting a bunch of queer-themed bands tonight, including the UK’s The Homosexuals.

And Buddies has a bunch of fun stuff in store this weekend. Tonight’s edition of Bitch Salad, Andrew Johnston’s monthly female comedian night has already sold out its advance tickets, but some still remain at the door. And tomorrow, the Scandelles are hosting a full-facility Funhouse party. Sunday night, check out the annual Free Jane open mic, where you can rub shoulders with some of Buddies’ resident artists and emerging creators. 

You could also reminisce about queer activism, with this article about the history of queer activism at University of Toronto.

Speaking of school, maybe you could give back this Pride, by volunteering to teach sex ed at Toronto-area schools, since, according to The Globe and Mail, Toronto teachers hate it so much they’re just cancelling classes instead

Meanwhile, Jean Genet’s Deathwatch, a sexy play baout three young queer criminals locked in a sweaty jail cell, only has three performances left. Tickets are limited and going fast (the first two shows have sold out), so book in advance if you’re planning to go to one of the three remaining shows.