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Hopefully, an unnecessary lesson

Today, a friend of mine (who, asking not to be named, will hereby be known as “Harry Potter,” mostly because I have journalistic integrity and also because I like your page views) told me that he had a crazy man scream at him at the gym (the gym will henceforth be known as “Christina Hendricks’ boobs” because… well, PAGE VIEWS!) about how he didn’t want to share a machine with my friend because he was worried about my friend’s “gay sweat."

Do I really need to explain to you why that’s fucking stupid? I’m really hoping I don’t need to.

Anyway, as my own personal little public service announcement, here’s a very brief rundown of how HIV is transmitted:

The blood, semen or mucus of someone who is positive must make DIRECT contact with a path to the circulatory system or the mucous membranes of someone who is negative. You do not get HIV from sweat, from skin contact or from identifying as gay.

And guess what? Thanks to retroviral medication, most people today who are HIV-positive will live just as long as people who are negative. The medication also helps HIV from spreading.

I say this because, no offence, I have a low tolerance for fuck-butting stupidity. Having watched a friend of mine pull out an iPhone to fact check something I said tonight, there’s no excuse for it. Everything you could ever possibly need to know about anything is in your pocket, so there’s no reason for you to be a dumbass.

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