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‘Hot as in sweaty’

Staghomme's REC & Lucas Ent's Vengeance

I’d pretty much given up on Staghomme when Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho started churning out what for me was junk porn. Why would you make a movie featuring a pair of skinny twinks (Diego y Jack) when you have yourselves as material? But the boys have redeemed themselves with room to spare in their latest offering, REC, which features Damien, Francesco and tattooed love boy Manuel Lopez.
   Three elements in particular add up to make this short piece fun to watch. The copious triple cum shot at the end is really pretty impressive, if only from the standpoint of coordination. The whole thing is shot with a kind of frantic handheld camera which makes it seem urgent and somehow hot — not hot as in hott, but hot as in sweaty, as if we’re in Madrid fucking on the balcony and it’s hot outside.
  Then out of the blue Francesco is on his hands and knees with his butt pointed at the camera and Manuel pees right in the crack of his cute hairy ass (if you need to get to it quickly, it’s at the top of part 2). Then as he gets to the last drop, Damien’s dick enters the frame and the golden shower continues. Oh my. This is one of those things where, until I saw piss running over Francesco’s butthole and dripping off his nuts, I had no idea how badly I wanted to see that happen.
   Argh. I’d kind of promised myself I’d stop with the neverending musings about Francesco and Damien but they just won’t stop turning my crank. So I blame them.
   In other news I’ve been rather intrigued lately by Lucas Entertainment’s Vengeance (it’s the title that helped put the studio on the map in 2001). From what I can gather there’s actually a pretty good story in here, though it’s hard to find when all I really care about is seeing Carlos Morales get his hole pounded like nobody’s business. There’s something about the Lucas style that I’d like to put my finger on. Haven’t quite got the words yet, so I’ll have to come back to it.
   Nothing much else has caught my eye lately, to be honest. The endless parade of Raging Stallion’s Hairy Boyz compilations has begun to bore me — by volume 6, there’s some barrel scraping going on. What did just pop up on VOD is Catalina’s Bigger They Come, which I’ve always wanted to see, mostly because I’m dying to see Cole Carpenter’s striptease. You know that’s gonna be good for a laugh.