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Bel Ami's Peters twins strike a pose. They've caused quite a stir starring in hard-core gay sex scenes together. Credit: Bel Ami Photo

Did you hear the one about the major gay porn producer coming to our fair city? Of course, it helps if they’re from here to begin with., the site of Vancouver’s own donkey-dicked porn stud, recently brought it all back home by filming a fuck scene right in the showers of the Steamworks bathhouse. Check it out on his site — you’ve never seen the place so well lit.

And then there’s the one about Latin megastar Ricky Martin finally declaring what we’ve all known for years — namely that he’s a big nancy. To get the hard proof we all want, offered Martin a cool million dollars to film just one hardcore scene with the studio’s man of the year, Austin Wilde.

It’ll never happen, of course. But I’d love to see the look on RS honcho Chris Ward’s face if Martin actually says yes.

Meanwhile, Eastern Euro powerhouse Bel Ami broke a gay porn world record by taking 27 of their biggest and best boys to South Africa for one gigantic orgy.

Somebody calculated that this adds up to around 18 feet of penis in one room.

The cast includes Kris Evans, who caused a scandal when he was recognized as a police officer in Southern Hungary, and the ever-popular Peters twins, identical brothers who’ve brought major controversy by filming hardcore gay fuck scenes together. It’s all at

Last year around this time, I gave you a preview of the best porn films of 2009, as honoured by the GayVN Awards held in San Francisco. But they’re not the only porn awards. The Grabbys take over Chicago for the weekend of May 28–30. Just in time for next month’s column. Click on for the details.

Now, I could print up all the movies and performers that are nominated in categories like Best Rimming Scene and Hottest Cock. But just a list of names and titles is no fun.

So I want you, the readers, to tell me. Let me know your porn viewing habits in 2010 — do you buy or rent DVDs? Does anybody sit down and watch a whole movie anymore? Or do you purchase online memberships instead?

Either way, tell me what scenes or movies really got you off in the last 12 months.

You can submit a comment on, message me at, or email me directly at Get your comments to me by June 3, and I’ll print up the results next month.

Just don’t tell me I’m a disgusting porn-obsessed pervert. I already know that.