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Hot in the City: George Michael – 25 Live Tour



You know who was in town tonight doing you know what at GM Place. I went as part of the Xtra! West
press contingent, but can't scoop myself here too badly as I'm writing
a full proper article for print in two weeks or so (social columnist by
day, blogger by night). But let's just say that George Michael can join
Patrick Stewart on my "things that get better with age" list.

As a woman named Sally pointed out during the intermission: "I want to nail him in my love coffin."

25 live = 25 years of performing. If you want to read more about it, click here.
That's almost as long as I've been alive, so I gotta give the guy some
blog love right here. In fact, every time he came to my side of the
stage, I waved with one hand while pointing at myself with the other.
Maybe I did some Ricky Martin-inspired hip moves too. Quit judging me.

No video postings from the Vancouver concert online yet, but here's the encore from Phoenix: