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Hot Nude Yoga

Getting naked with a group of men is 'potent,' says founder

If you are looking for a powerful way to shake off the February blahs, Aaron Star, the founder of Hot Nude Yoga, has a suggestion: get hot and naked with a roomful of men.

“When you get 40 men working their stuff out, sweating together, stretching together, there’s something so potent and powerful about that,” says Star, who started Hot Nude Yoga in 2001.

“So much of who we think we are is in our clothes, so . . . it’s kind of like you are removing a sort of a sense of who you are.”

Star began Hot Nude Yoga in New York, but there are now retreats offered in a variety of locations, including Costa Rica and Cambodia, where you can also dip your naked body into the ocean for a swim.

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