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How donations make big differences

There were a lot of cheers at the Youth Project last week.

The organization received $1,000 from an employee at Telus, who is a big fan. The donation was matched by Telus as part of a Celebration of Giving event put on by Telus on Sept 27.

The Youth Project’s Leighann Wichman picking up the cheque

The employee, Tim Richards, wanted to give a little something to the Youth Project “because it provides support and services to LGBTTQ youth in the province. I was happy to be able to have my employer match my donation to provide double the amount.” Richards, who grew up outside of the city in Sheet Harbour, wished that he had been able to access programs like the Youth Project when he was younger. “The work being done by the Youth Project is helping to make a better world by addressing phobias, bullying and promoting equality. It’s important work and I am proud to help out a little.”

Sheena Jamieson, the coordinator of support services at the Youth Project, told Down East that donations — any donation — help out. “A donation like this means we get to continue to do the great work that we do – supporting youth through their challenges and victories, hosting education workshops on homophobia and bullying, fostering leadership skills in youth who don’t always get the opportunity to be leaders, providing resources and information, running our food bank, and many more things we do in the run of a day.”

Just goes to show that every little bit helps.

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